Amsterdam – ‘Domela Nieuwenhuis’ park

The municipality of Amsterdam has commissioned us to make several gabion structures in the new ‘Domela Nieuwenhuis’ park in Amsterdam. The job consisted of building gabion walls, partially earth retaining, and a couple of pillars.

Before we started..

..with the construction, we also made all the necessary drawings.


For the partially earth retaining walls we used about 45m2 of panels, measuring 800x1100mm. We left an insertion for an edge on which you can sit. For the regular walls, we used 44m1 of panels, size 800x500mm. The pillars, 14 pieces, in size 800x800x3500mm.

The mesh width of the panels is 50x100mm on the face sides and the non-visible sides is 100x100mm.


Rejected masonry stones on the visible sides. Overflow rubble, commercial size 30 / 60mm was used for the rear filling.


In 1861 the Church of Mary Magdalene opened its doors on these grounds. When stone rot was found in the early 1960s, the church was demolished. In 1972 the location was transformed into a park. After having had no real destination for decades, the park was festively opened in May 2019. Where the design clearly refers to the church that once stood there. For example, the arches that we built in the gabions.